Finish Fetish is an art style from the 1960s that originated in southern California. It is often identified by glossy, slick features and abstract design. The style blurred the boundaries between painting and sculpture, 2D and 3D, and handcrafted and industry-produced objects. Notable artists of this style include Ken Price, Peter Alexander, Craig Kauffman, and John McCracken.


This project is an exploration of what Finish Fetish means in the current digital design world. Through new technologies such as digital 3D, motion, and VR, we can push the 60s aesthetics and give new form and substance to contemporary design. Experimenting with modeling and texture in C4D and Octane Render with VR and 3D dynamic simulation, we can explore how viewers experience virtual space and continue to push the boundaries of Finish Fetish.

Style Exploration


3D Motion

VR Render Test 

Virtual Reality