Transform Random Identities into an immersive and personally enegaging brand expereience

This is a concept branding project based on the ready-to-wear fashion brand Random Identities founded by Italian fashion designer Stefano Pilati an Italian fashion designer in 2017. Pilati released 17 looks from a new, self-started brand called Random Identities. The style blends comfort with cutting-edge design, and blurs the line between masculine and feminine

How might Random Identities as a fashion clothing brand be socially engaged with the community and also provide customers a fresh online experience?


The existing Random Identities brand has emphasized the message of individualism and personal growth. With such a strong message and brand value, the brand can push its direction and message to the next level. The lack of a first channel digtial platform makes this a top priority to develop.





Random Identities is here to present our latest campaign: Who Am I Not

In this season, our goal is deconstructing social labels and thinking outside of the box. We embrace individual characters and explore all of the possibilities. Dream big, experience life, celebrate all the different aspects of yourself. Be a dad, be a mom, be gay, be straight, be something in between, be a lawyer, a designer, a farmer, a doctor, a politician, an activist . 

Living your life to the fullest, you can be anything.

We select our seasonal runaway models from all industries. Our models are lawyers, businessmen, doctors, construction workers, etc. We want to show the audience that an individual identified as one thing can also do something totally different. Fashion is not just for a small group of people, it is for everyone, and everybody can blossom in their own form.

We interview all the models who work with us on social media. We explore what it is like to have multiple professions and identities living in the world. Staying open to possibilities with no limitations, one can embrace and live life to the fullest.

UX/UI Deliver