Resident artist: Lynn Hunter, Yoshi Nakamura, Amy Reid.
Curators: Dulcina Abreu, Zion Douglass, Deyane Moses, Ryan Patrick, Babette DeLafayette Pendleton, Sicong Sui
Designer & Art Director: Yi Zheng

A Roving Presence...

Digital+physical, visitor experience

A Roving Presence... is an ever-evolving residency project organized by MICA’s MFA in Curatorial Practice of 2021, featuring Baltimore-based artists Lynn Hunter, Amy Reid, and Yoshi Nakamura. The original idea was to host by the local Baltimore space call The Coward Shoe. In the wake of coronavirus, these concerns take on new and potent contexts and implications. Projects shift to digital approaches such as web identity, motion, online live events, and AR to create dynamic organic storytelling.

A Roving Presence... is made possible by The Stanley Mazaroff & Nancy Dorman Endowed Fund for Curatorial Practice—First Year Practicum and The Center for Creative Citizenship's Community Engagement Grant.

3D Animation Design


UX/UI Web Design

Visual Delivery

AR Live